Thursday, October 29, 2015

Written by Anna Kavanaugh - Cyber Abuse: The Virtual Violent Crime - Rerun of Syndication

By David Simms, Senior Contributor
The Global Institute of Cyber Safety and Standards

GICSS was honoured to partner with Anna Kavanaugh last year and publish through our organisation
her outstanding column for syndication, Cyber Abuse: The Virtual Violent Crime. Anna writes with a unique voice and is well respected for her expertise and excellent insights into the pathology of cyber-abusers and what she in part terms as vandalism to the lives of victims. We are grateful for her continuing work in the cyber safety and standards community, in front and behind the scenes. Her contribution to our Board of Advisors and Coalition Committee has been invaluable and the work she has provided us as a Senior Mentor and Co-Executive Director of Development in our education programme has been equally indispensable. Anna's is a distinctive and ardent voice in defining and describing what she rightly deems a global pandemic of virtual confusion whereby a societal breakdown of empathy and compassion confuse and pose serious threat to legal boundaries and civilised conduct.

Anna has been a determined force and guide for our organisation and has worked tirelessly with us over the year to help us develop our five year mentorship plan, combining a growing number of countries in adopting a common message and forward direction to change. The internet is so widely used by those of all age groups and walks of life, we consider cyber safety a paramount issue that must be addressed multilaterally without prejudice in gender, ethnicity, region, social class, or circumstances. She continues to help us build and implement our global action portfolio in educational forums around the world.

As we conclude the latest phase of our action and development protocol, GICSS will also resume the publication of Anna's column for syndication. For reader continuity we will preface the publication of her upcoming pieces by re-running her first round together with other highlights of her cyber-abuse work.